Jan S. Gephardt’s website offers a variety of information about both Jan and Artdog Studio.

Read more about Jan S. Gephardt and her background on her bio page. Jan and sister G. S. Norwood operate Weird Sisters Publishing LLC . Read more about their small press and see the latest features on The Weird Blog on the company’s website.

The “Artdog Adventures” Blog

Check out these quick links to the most recent posts on her Artdog Adventures blog. See the side menu for other features of Jan S. Gephardt’s website.

  • Weird Blog Woes
    By Jan S. Gephardt When I first wrote this post, I was dealing with Weird Blog Woes. The Weird Sisters Website (including The Weird Blog) had been knocked offline by a persistent software glitch and increasingly-long “repropagation” issues. Cutting to the chase: It was broken. We were (trying to) fix it. UPDATE! It’s now FIXED!  But while it was still broken, … Read more
  • Artdog Adventures is Going Weird!
    Artdog Adventures Blog is moving! This blog will now merge with The Weird Blog on the Weird Sisters Publishing website. Please mosey on over there, to read my (and my sister’s) latest thoughts on books, art, publishing, and more! Thank you for being a devoted follower. I hope this change doesn’t cause you too much … Read more
  • Going to ConQuesT
    By Jan S. Gephardt I’ve been going to ConQuesT or about as long as I’ve been going to science fiction conventions. I think of it as my “home con.” It’s sponsored by KaCSFFS (we pronounce it “KAX-fuss”), the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society. I was “discovered” by Robin Wayne Bailey and his wife … Read more
  • My last DemiCon?
    By Jan S. Gephardt DemiCon 34 may have been my last DemiCon. I have a lot of great history with DemiCon as an institution, and as an eagerly-anticipated annual event. I’ve blogged about it in this space for the last several years, as veteran readers of this blog may recall. It was the convention that … Read more
  • Demicon 34
    By Jan S. Gephardt It’s that time of year again: getting ready for “con” season, and specifically for DemiCon 34. Repeated blizzard events over several recent years have discouraged us from attending Capricon in February. This means DemiCon, an annual, early-May convention in Des Moines, Iowa, has become our “new normal” first science fiction convention … Read more

Jan S. Gephardt’s XK9 Books

Jan's three XK9 books.
Read more about Jan S. Gephardt’s science fiction “XK9” series.

Take a look at Jan’s science fiction books here. There’s a growing list of her stories about the super-smart police dogs called XK9s who live with their humans on Rana Habitat Space Station. They not only solve crimes and sniff out bad guys. They access the station-net to file their own reports and talk through their collar-mounted vocalizers to make a case that the humans should consider them uplifted sapient beings.

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Artdog Studio Paper Sculpture

This is a montage of some of my recent paper sculpture. The artworks are: Top Row, L-R: “Common Cliff Dragon – Male,” “Gemflower Outburst,” and “Love in the Storm.” On the next row, L-R: “Overcoming Complications,”  pair from the “Guardians” series in yellow top mats, “Protector” and “Defender;” and “White Clematis with Dragons.” The lower pair of “Guardians,” in green top mats, are “Fierce” and “Brave.” All artwork is © by Jan S. Gephardt.
A sampler of my paper sculpture. All artwork © Jan S. Gephardt.

The gallery below features some of Jan’s nationally-exhibited paper sculpture. Juried into national shows and the subject of multiple one-person shows, Jan’s artwork has traveled from coast to coast and into Canada. She creates both one-of-a-kind original mixed-media paper sculptures and individually crafted limited editions of multiple originals. Jan S. Gephardt’s paper sculpture is featured in her Paper Sculpture Gallery.


Jan S. Gephardt’s website especially thanks Jody A. Lee, who created the cover paintings for her science fiction novels, What’s Bred in the Bone and A Bone to Pick. Many thanks also to Lucy A. Synk, for the The Other Side of Fear cover artwork and the painting of XK9 Shady in a play bow.

Jan is also grateful to Colette Waters, who took both photos of Jan. All paper sculpture artwork on this page is © by Jan S. Gephardt.