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I’m Honored to be part of the Blogging Corps

I have been following the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and its Teaching Tolerance project, for several years, and I like what I have seen.  Their message is compatible with my own philosophy of showing genuine respect for all.

I therefore was very interested when they sent out a call for experienced teachers to write blog posts for them.

To my delight, they accepted my two “Tryout” posts, which both have now been published.

Better yet, I’ve just been informed that I have been added to their blogging corps!  They post a new item every day, and the result is a daily dose of insight, inspiration, and encouragement that when we struggle to make our students’ live better, we are in good company.

If you’d like to see the posts I already have written, I’ve embedded the links below.  Watch for future links in this space, as well!

My first post, which they titled “Detention Leads to a Lunchtime Community,” was posted August 30.  The second went up just a few days ago, on October 5: “Graphics Class Offers Success for All.”

IMAGE CREDIT: Many thanks for the Teaching Tolerance logo to Gary, a fellow educator and blogger for Teaching Tolerance, who tells a similar story on his “Follow your Bliss” blog!  Best wishes to him!