The “Visual Insight” page of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) includes some wonderful images.

Take the one I’ve “borrowed” here, titled {6,3,3} Honeycomb in Upper Half-Space, by Roice Nelson. I encourage you to access the article about this image on the AMS site.

I also encourage you to look at Roice’s blog, which has some more wonderful imagery based on mathematical concepts that I don’t understand.

I detest having to say I don’t  understand the math (and I’m still angry over the way I was taught math in elementary school, which so profoundly bored me that I became viscerally aversive to later study of the discipline).

However, I am thankful that I don’t have to understand it to enjoy this image.  I simply realize that if I did understand the math, I probably would enjoy it even more.

I am delighted that mathematicians now have access to computers that can create such images, and that I have access to an Internet that allows me to see and share them.

IMAGE CREDIT: Many thanks to the American Mathematical Society, John Baez, and Roice Nelson, for this wonderful image!