Man, the Prairie Village Arts Council sure knows how to throw a party!

I apologize for the long time it has taken for me to get my act together and get back to blogging–I intended to write this post a month ago.

I was honored this year to be included in the State of the Arts annual juried art exhibition, sponsored by the Arts Council of Prairie Village, at the R.G. Endres Gallery at Prairie Village Municipal Offices, Prairie Village, KS.

The piece accepted to the show was Nine-Part Herbal Harmony.

I owe a big debt of gratitude to my son Ty Gephardt, for delivering the artwork on the specified date, while I was in California on family business, and then making sure it was picked up on the specified date, while I was in Oklahoma on other family business.  Where would we be, without family???

I did make a brief cameo appearance in town–just in time to attend the reception, held October 11 at the R.G. Endres Gallery.

The highlight of the whole evening for me, however, was my chance to meet with a man who has been an inspiration since the very beginning of my foray into paper sculpture.  I think I first saw the artwork of Shannon Manning at the former Heritage Gallery in Prairie Village, in 2004 or 2005, and I’ve been an admirer ever since.

Manning’s wonderful paper sculpture Endangered also was in the 2013 State of the Arts show, and he attended the opening with his wife. He is a delightful person and a wonderful artist. Please visit his online gallery to view images of his paper sculpture artwork!

PHOTO CREDITS: Many thanks to the City of Prairie Village, for the image of the buffet table at the Oct. 11 2013 reception. The images of Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy and the tent at the reception are my own.