Nicole Emanuel does not think small.  What is more, she follows through on her big ideas.  Nicole is the founder and Executive Director of the InterUrban ArtHouse in Overland Park, KS, an ambitious and growing organization in the Kansas City metro area.

Interesting visuals are everywhere you turn.

On December 11, 2013, the InterUrban ArtHouse opened its doors in a new, beautiful space that offers a place for a range of programs and events, studio spaces for artists, and even a small retail area for the sale of artwork.

The space is available for rental, but the organization also sponsors several regular events here, too.

I dropped in during the afternoon of the open house and took some pictures. They offer a glimpse of the new space. But you really should come take a look in person, if you’re in the KC metro area!

A flexible open area in the middle of the ArtHouse space offers many possibilities.
Here’s the nook by the Blackberry Castle Productions studio.
Assistant Director Nick Carswell greeted open house guests from the reception desk, aided by a volunteer.
The conference room seems kind of bare, compared to the rest of the space, but it’s functional.
Blackberry Castle’s Reggie Banks, Sr. stands between the reception desk and the small retail area.

IMAGE CREDITS: The InterUrban ArtHouse logo is from the organization’s website.  All the other photos were taken by Jan S. Gephardt, with the ArtHouse staff’s permission.  Please use only with attribution and a link back.