Last week I posted a 2013 Portfolio retrospective. This week, as promised, I’m sharing bits, pieces, and first beginnings of my current works-in-progress.

4-column section from a project started in 2012–still not resolved.
Here’s one of my Rosebush pieces-in-progress.
Here are some more Rosebush pieces.
I’m still working on a good background for my Lioness.
This is part of my newest series in progress. It’s so new, I don’t really have a name for it.
This is another piece of yet-to-be-named imagery in the process of being colored.

So now you’ve had a look inside my “art parts” box. I’m really hoping before the year is out you’ll see some finished versions!

IMAGE CREDITS: All of these images are my own, of Jan S. Gephardt works-in-progress.  If for some reason you should decide you want to re-post them, please include an attribution and link back.  Thanks!