As I have previously mentioned, I’ve been spending time in California recently, with my daughter (and now my son), clearing out the condominium of my recently-deceased aunt.

One cool thing about this home was some very nice artwork on the walls.

In her dining room over the buffet/bar.

My aunt was an art lover (and something of an artist herself, designing and tailoring clothing for herself when she was younger, and exploring photography and collage in more recent years), and the walls of her home hosted a gallery of work.

Up the steps into the loft.

Recently, however, we’ve taken all the artwork down.

It had to be done.  We are entering the final stages of packing up. But oh, how stark the place looks, just from that one change!

In the loft.

Taking the art down was kind of like removing the home’s heart.  It changed the condo from looking like a home to looking much more like a semi-emptied living space.

Removing the art left a mark–some places more than others.

As an artist, I’m probably more attuned to the “art as the heart of the home” idea than some people, but I hope I’ve been able to illustrate my point.

IMAGES: All photos are my own work.