I’ve always loved pop-up books, from the first time I saw one. They’ve always seemed sort of magical, but in the manner of a well-executed magician’s trick.

A page from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, art by Robert Sabuda

My kids had them, loved them as they grew up.  We wore several out.

My students loved them, too, when I needed a way to teach 3-D principles on a paper-glue-and-markers budget and I pulled some basic pop-up technology how-to articles from the Internet, to create a final project assignment for the color unit.

Dai Food, by Colette Fu

Pop-up books led me into the realm of turning the 2-D medium of paper into a 3-D creation, so yes–they are the origin of my explorations into paper sculpture.

Anyone who follows this blog also knows I’m a science fiction and fantasy fan, as well, so you can imagine my delight when my son turned me on to the amazing Game of Thrones Guide to Westeros pop-up extravaganza shown in this YouTube video:

I’m happy to give credit where it’s due.  The paper engineering is by Matthew Reinhart, whose website reveals a wealth of other wonderful projects as well.  Do NOT miss it!

The art is by Michael Komarck, who also has done a lot of other wonderful illustration work, most recently for Magic: The Gathering from Wizards of the Coast.

A steal at $65.00, this will  become a collectible. ISBN: 978-1-60887-314-2.

You’ll probably also enjoy the video on THIS wonderful pop-up, America’s National Parks, from the National Parks Conservation Association:

This one was designed by paper engineer Bruce Foster (I bet you’ll enjoy his blog).

The art for America’s National Parks is by Dave Ember.

This one’s got a two-tiered price structure, with a limited-edition version and a mass market version.  Part of the proceeds go to support the National Parks Conservation Association. ISBN: 978-0-97589-603-7.

IMAGE CREDITS: The Robert Sabuda page from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland came from The Alpha Mom blog.  Colette Fu’s amazing image Dai Food is from her website.  The wonderful YouTube video  for the Game of Thrones guide comes from HBO, ultimately. The National Parks Conservation Association and InkinMotion created that book’s YouTube video.