My ever-resourceful son Tyrell has put me in touch with another cool thing.  I’ve always been fascinated by a sentence or a short paragraph that speaks volumes about what has not been said.  In that vein, he shared with me a collection of “Two-Sentence Horror Stories”.  I’d love to attribute the author, but I don’t know who it is.

In the run-up to Halloween this year, I mean to share them with you, one per week.  I know they’ve been published elsewhere as a collection, but I’ve discovered each one has its own resonating effect.

Therefore, please bear with me as I dole them out, one by one, every Saturday for the next few weeks.  Here is the first:

IMAGE CREDIT: Ty’s Shufflings on Tumblr. In the interest of keeping them fresh one at a time, I’m going to make you scroll down till you find them, however.