I am a total sucker for lampwork glass beads. If I were an avaricious dragon, my treasure hoard would include a lot of them. As it is, however, I have to legitimately buy them, which means I don’t have nearly as big a hoard as I’d like. 
Bright Blue and Silver Bracelet is available on Homola’s D.L. Homola Glass Art website.
As of the Summit Art Festival in October 2014, my hoard finally does include some of D. L. Homola’s work! I’ve been following her career for a while, now, admiring (and, I admit, coveting) her wonderful glass work.
Homola’s Color Play Necklace gives a sampler of some of her skill.
I could show you my own recent acquisition, but instead have chosen to focus on items that (at this writing) have not yet been added to someone’s hoard. In case you’re adding to your hoard, too, they may be purchased from her website, D.L. Homola Glass Art. There are direct links to the specific pieces in the photo cutlines.
These are Homola’s Burnt Orange Earrings, also available on her website.

If you’d like to know a bit more about Debbi, she has a bio page. If you’d like to know more about her lampwork technique, please watch her demonstration videos, including one created in 2013 for KOLR TV, Springfield, MO.

Homola’s Fall Color Mixture Bead Set is available for use in jewelry or on its own.
It’s better to see this work up close and in person. Please look for Debbi at an art fair near you! Stay current with her calendar of her upcoming appearances. If there isn’t one coming up as soon as you’d like, please enjoy her website in the meantime.
One more before closing: this is Homola’s Soft Peach and Sterling Silver Bracelet.

IMAGE CREDITS: All artwork featured in this post is the work of D. L. Homola, and the images are used here with her permission. These pieces and others may be seen and purchased on her D.L. Homola Glass Art website. A visit there will be time well spent!