Photo of Interest: Watch Out!

You never know when a hazard will appear.

IMAGE: Many thanks to the K9s4Cops Facebook Page! 

Artdog Quote of the Week

Your attitude about things dictates more than you realize–an age-old understanding. The quote is attributed to the 14th-century Persian poet Hafiz.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Tammy Plunkett’s Facebook page, via my old friend Word Porn

Photo of Interest: Muddy Paws

Have you had a thaw recently? Then you understand.

IMAGE: Many thanks to the ever-fruitful Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Facebook Page, for this image!

Artdog Quote of the Week

Did you ever doubt it? Even though you’ve experienced it?

IMAGE: I’ll have to continue thinking up new ways to thank the Word Porn Facebook page, because they keep coming up with these quotes I can’t resist! This one is originally from the Tumblr site Cliff Edge of the World.

Photo of Interest: Human Hand Cells

From the National Geographic listing of Best Science Visualizations of 2012 comes this eye-popping vision of cells in a human hand:

IMAGE: Many thanks to Erfun Kheirandish and National Geographic!

Artdog Quote of the Week

What adventurous thing have you done lately?

IMAGE: Many thanks, as ever, to the Word Porn Facebook page.

Photo of Interest: COLD out There!

Domesticated animals depend on us. We made them that way, so it’s up to us to keep our side of the bargain.


IMAGE: Many thanks to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Facebook Page for this image.