If you’re in the vicinity of Hartsville, SC between April 2 and May 29, please stop by the Black Creek Arts Council’s gallery. My Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy-Light Cycle has been accepted into their annual juried exhibition.

Here’s a photo of the Black Creek Arts Council’s exterior.

I’ve never been to Hartsville or the Arts Council Gallery in person, but the photos I’ve been able to find online show a historic building with a beautiful, spacious gallery.

This image shows an opening event in the Gallery.

The Arts Council‘s building is located at 116 W. College Avenue in Hartsville. The Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, April 9, 2015.

My artwork Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy-Light Cycle is going to South Carolina.

I deeply appreciate the efforts of the Black Creek Arts Council‘s organizers, and the outstanding good taste of Juror Frank McCauley! If you are in South Carolina during April and May, I hope you’ll see the show!

IMAGES: Many thanks to the Black Creek Arts Council, for their logo and the interior gallery image. I am grateful to the Artisans of the South Carolina Cotton Trail for the exterior image of the Arts Council’s building. Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy-Light Cycle is my own original artwork, but you may use it online if you do not alter the image, attribute it to me, and provide a link back to this blog.