Artdog Quote of the Week: Foolishness

And yet we’ve all done this.

IMAGE: Many thanks to the good ol’ Word Porn Facebook Page for this one.

Artdog Photo of Interest: Animal Souls

‘Nuff said:

IMAGE: Many thanks to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Facebook Page for sharing this image.

in Honor of Earth Day: How Wolves Change Rivers

This was one of the most eye-opening videos I have seen since last Earth Day (Narrated by George Monbiot). In honor of the ongoing struggle not to mess up our Mother any more than we already have, It is my delight to share it with you:

VIDEO CREDIT: Find this video on YouTube. For more information about George Monbiot, see his website. If you’d like to learn more about his take on”Rewilding,” see this post

Artdog Quote of the Week: True Wisdom

But never giving up the pursuit, in spite of that . . .

IMAGE: Many thanks to the Word Porn Facebook Page for this bit of Socratic wisdom.

Photo of Interest: Ocean Jasper

People have known for centuries that mineral cross sections can present strikingly beautiful views. 

IMAGE: The “Ocean Jasper” image is from the Design Under Sky “Stoned Landscapes” blog post about Richard Weston’s images of crystal and minerals.

Voice Actor Tribute: Kristen Bishop

Voices touch our lives in ways we may not even realize. For many of my friends, this is one of the voices of their childhood.

Gone a year. Still not forgotten.

IMAGE CREDIT: Many thanks to Sheila M. Gagne for this tribute collage. See more of her work on her Facebook Page. Thanks also to Ty’s Shufflings, for alerting me to this material.

Reception Tonight!

If you’re anywhere near Hartsville, SC today, please go to the Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony tonight from 5:30-8:00 p.m. at the Black Creek Arts Center, 116 W. College Ave., Hartsville, SC.

This is the Black Creek Arts Center.

My artwork, Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy-Light Cycle will be part of this year’s Black Creek Annual Juried Exhibition, selected from among 100 entries by Juror Frank McCauley. Check it out!

This is Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy-Light Cycle.

IMAGES: Many thanks to the Artisans of the South Carolina Cotton Trail for the exterior image of the Arts Council‘s building. Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy-Light Cycle is my own original artwork, but you may use it online if you do not alter the image, attribute it to me, and provide a link back to this blog.