I’ve been having a great time at ConQuesT 46 in Kansas City. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a show where I sold more–at least, not more paper sculpture! Here’s a look at my display before the buyers descended.

You can sort of see the Dealers’ Room being set up behind these two panels. 
Here’s the third panel. ConQuesT Art Show panels are 2 feet wide.

I’m scheduled for ten program items at ConQuesT, including a demonstration called “How I Make Paper Sculpture,” on Sunday. It will include a PowerPoint slide show and hands-on paper sculpture experience for attendees.

Also on Sunday (immediately after the demonstration), I’ll do a reading. A bunch of people have signed up–I hope to see them there! (And I hope my voice holds up!).

Sunday afternoon will be the first time anyone outside my writers’ group has heard Chapter One of my novel Dogged Pursuit. It’s an sf novel about a genetically-engineered police dog who must prove he is sapient (and thus worthy of freedom) by helping to solve an important case before the Director of the project that made him and his Packmates can “recall” and destroy the “batch that turned out too smart.” The Director claims they are “defective,” because he hopes to keep control over the lucrative canine forensic tools the Project has created–something he can’t do if they are declared “sapient” and set free. I hope my listeners enjoy Chapter One!

In the next few months, I’ll be collaborating with my friend and fellow artist Lucy A. Synk, to create character images of my XK9 protagonist Rex, and his friends and colleagues from Chayko IV Habitat Space Station. Followers of my blog will be the first to see them!

 IMAGES: the photos in today’s blog are by me, Jan S. Gephardt, of my artwork display at the ConQuesT 46 art show. You may re-post these images if you will please not alter them, and give an attribution and a link back to this site.