Artdog Images of Interest: OakOak’s Environmentally-Interactive Street Art

The French artist known as OakOak has created a large body of work in which witty images interact with chance aspects of the street environment. Here are some of my favorites–all from OakOak’s website.

Hulk, France, 2014
The Dragon, St. Etienne, France, 2013
Bruce Lee’s Flying Kick, St. Etienne, France, 2014
We Push! France, 2013
The Tightrope-Walker, France, 2014

IMAGES: Many thanks, OakOak, for sharing your quirky vision with the world via the Internet. Many thanks also to WonderMika for helping me learn who was behind these images!

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Kansas City-based Jan S. Gephardt is a writer, artist, and teacher. She makes nationally-recognized paper sculpture and writes sf mystery novels about a sapient police dog.

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