We made it to SoonerCon24 (Oklahoma City/Midwest City, OK)! The Art Show is large, and includes some wonderful artwork. Here is my display:

My Art Show display at SoonerCon 24 includes six pieces never before shown at an sf convention, three pieces never before seen anywhere, and eight never before seen at a SoonerCon.

As of this posting, most of my programming panels are yet to happen. I am scheduled to moderate all of them (which I prefer), and I’ve got a whole bunch of prompts and questions lined up for each. If you’re at the convention, please consider attending:

2D and 3D Fantasy Creature Creation (1 pm Saturday in Ballroom B)
That Would Have Been Nice to Know (4 pm Saturday in Maynard)
Law and Order . . . IN SPACE! (11 am Sunday in Maynard)
Who Owns Original Artwork? (Noon Sunday in Ballroom B)

We had a busy, crowded Artists Reception (complete with delicious hors d’oeuvres and champagne) on Friday night at the Art Show, showcasing a wide variety of art.

SoonerCon is always a lot of fun. If you didn’t have a chance to attend this year, please consider it for next year!

IMAGE: I took the photo of my own art in the display I organized at SoonerCon 24; all rights belong to me. You my re-publish it online, if you’ll include a link back to this post and an attribution to say whose art it is and where. Thanks!