Three Saturdays ago, I posted images of “environmentally interactive” street art created by an artist called OakOak. Here’s a small collection of other pieces that play with their surroundings in similar ways.

Boy with Flags, by the ever-popular Banksy.
The Straw, by Mentalgassi
Sum Times, by Aakash Nihalani
Who Left These Glasses Here? by P183
Seeder, by Morfai, in the daylight
Seeder, by Morfai, when the spotlight is on at night.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Wondermika, for leading me to these artists’ websites themselves, instead of taking the easy way out and just swiping their work! And many thanks also to Banksy, Mentalgassi, Aakash Nihalani, P183, and Morfai, for their creative vision!