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Artdog Quote of the Week: If you don’t educate . . .

In honor of the start of school in many places around the nation and the world this month, here’s a thought to bear in mind:

Always true, even if you don’t like paying taxes. 
I would prefer not to think that manipulation is the plan of those who seek to slash education spending or shunt money away from public education, thereby creating even more obstacles to equality for the poor than already exist. 
I would like to be able to say with confidence that this is not the plan of those who would deny higher education to those who were brought as small children to my country, by parents seeking a better life. 
I would like to think that everywhere in the world, people are coming to the realization that educating girls is the best economic idea we’ve seen in ages, because of the predictably positive results, and that those who would rather kill or rape them than educate them are a dying minority.
I would like to. But I fear it would be a lie.
IMAGE: Many thanks to the Urban Drops Facebook Page, for this image!


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  1. I have never understood the people who want to deny education to anyone.
    I am sure they rationalize it so that they can look in the mirror every morning and feel good about themselves.

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