Wired for Safety?
Decorating for Halloween! Many of my creative friends love this time of year. The decorations can be so colorful, so fanciful, so atmospheric!

Paper Jack-o-Lantern lights for a spooky lighting effect.

I think every year there are more fun lighting options available. For just a little bit of money, you can string up spooky Jack-o-Lanterns, skulls, or other colorful glow-in-the-dark decorations, both indoors and outside.

DIY “eyeball” lights.

But as fun as the lights may be, it pays to remember all the members of your family and household. New kitten? New puppy? Pet gerbils or bunnies? Strings of lights and electrical cords can be too much temptation for some!

Bunny was here! Ouch!

Spooky can be fun! But all the fun goes away if the decorations turn deadly. 

Please take wise precautions!

For the ASPCA‘s list of Halloween pet safety tips, please see their Halloween Safety page. Please check some of the hyperlinks given in the image credits for other excellent resources:

IMAGES: the photo of the paper Jack-o-Lanterns is from Ideal Home & Garden’s Holiday Decorations page. The DIY string of “eyeball” lights is from Landeelu–see the page for full DIY instructions. Many thanks to Canidae for the lolcats-style Corgi (check the page for techniques to keep pets from chewing power cords), to Way of Cats for the “chewin’ wires” pic (see that page for kitty-safety tips), and to Bunnyproof for the image of the rabbit-chewed power cord (and ways to keep pet rabbits safe).