Nearly every creative person I know loves to decorate for Halloween, and one of the most popular decorations is a carved Jack-o-Lantern. Even if we aren’t sculptors most of the time, there’s something about pumpkin-carving that can stimulate creative juices.

A friend of mine used to have a pumpkin-carving party every year–but it wasn’t this big! Wow!

For many of us, there’s nothing better than a genuine, burning candle to make old Jack glow at his spookiest, whether he’s channeling Batman, lighting up a mini-pumpkin, or otherwise haunting the premises.

But pet-owners, beware! Especially if you own cats (black or other colors).

According to the ASPCA, curious kittens are at particular risk of “getting burned or singed by candle flames,” or knocking over pumpkins and starting fires.

We also know how the “cat-in-box” syndrome might sometimes become cat-in-pumpkin, with a potential for things to get knocked off, or for cat-and-all to fall from a table or porch railing to a hard surface below.

In the name of kittens everywhere, please decorate with care, and keep an eye on fierce baby paws!

Yes, I am shamelessly exploiting this opportunity to post cute kitten pictures.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Nassau Happening, for the photo of all the lighted Jack-o-lanterns in a big group. The candles-in-pumpkins images are from Movie Chronicles (Batman) and Instructables (mini-pumpkin). The kittens in the pumpkins are from IGN’s “Kitties” thread (single kitten) and Pixdaus (two kittens). Finally, the totally gratuitous “Deadly Predators” fierce kittens pic is from W Files Subreddit.