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You Go, Son!

Indulge a moment of motherly pride, if you would, please? This weekend my son is traveling to Colorado to punish his body for two and a half days, and–if all goes well–come out of it at the end of the weekend with a 5th-degree black belt in Kenpo Karate.

No, they do not. Even less do they earn five of them. It takes amazing determination, athleticism, and grit to do what he’s doing. I’m in awe. It also is good toughness-training for anyone who (like Ty) has chosen a career in the arts.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Kristen Lamb’s Blog for the extremely appropriate image!


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  1. Go, Ty! Proud mama, you know you own a small piece of every belt for all the rides to and from classes, financial support of his passion, encouragement when he felt discouraged, and cheers whether he won anything or not.

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