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Artdog Quote of the Week: The Most Important Gifts

Last Monday I talked about gifts from God, and the value of creative work in our all-too-unimaginative world. 

But there’s another kind of extremely important gift that we must never forget to give.

Never take the people who love you for granted. They, too, are God’s gifts to you, and if you fail to appreciate them while they are in your life, you will lose something of untold worth. 

In every stage of life we are given the gifts of others’ love or regard. And in every stage of life we can either cherish the gift or spurn it. 

For many of us, the Holidays are a time of having to “put up” with irritating relatives. Sometimes there truly is just no salvaging the relationship. In those cases, the most healthy, loving thing you can do is to step back, to disengage. 

But in many cases, it’s a matter of failing to communicate. Before you turn and walk away, make sure you’ve done your best to reach out in love, to listen, and try to understand. The other may never be your favorite person, but if you can make a positive connection, it can ease a lot of burdens, and avert a lot of regrets. 

I wish you the best of success, and the best of Holidays.

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  1. Excellent sentiments.

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