What does the future hold?
As a reader and writer of science fiction, I like to keep an eye on what people are saying about the technological innovations that may fundamentally re-shape our world in the future. 

Science fiction itself has opened windows on many ideas that later became reality–think about Arthur C. Clarke writing about geostationary satellites, for example.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke was one of many sf authors who have correctly predicted future innovations.

Other things apparently were less predicted. Few people really seemed to foresee and understand the potential for massive changes that would ripple out from the advent of personal computers, the Internet, wireless technology, and smart phones, before they our lives forever.

Few of us realized what a revolution these represented, when they first came on the scene.
Nowhere is the wireless revolution and the advent of smart phones having a greater impact than in the developing world. Here’s an image from rural Bihar, India.

I’ve been looking at recent videos on YouTube that attempt to answer this “what future tech is being developed?” question. I shared one in Bionic Sensory Enhancements that I thought looked interesting. 

Here’s a video that explores “The Top 10 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now.” Published in early October by the Top Ten Archive, it predicts a range of innovations from sunscreen pills to personal nanotech factories.

The video’s show notes include a full list of the ten technological developments profiled, as well as links that offer more detailed information about each.

IMAGES: Many thanks to the Telegraph Media Group for the image of Sir Arthur (unfortunately on his obituary). The photo of popular smart phone brands is from a TechReviewPro article about the top smart phones of 2015. The photo of mobile phone users in Bihar, India, is from an excellent article on the Design Public Blog. The video is from Top 10 Archives on YouTube.