I ran across this in a Google search, and couldn’t resist using it for a month that’s supposed to be devoted to images with a female social justice angle: 

I thought this was a pretty cool adaptation of the iconic “Rosie the Riveter” image created by J. Howard Miller for Westinghouse, expanding the message to one that’s more inclusive. And because I can, and I love a good icon, here’s a bonus image: the original.

Empowering women activates 51% of any given population, and makes the overall society stronger and more agile. Talent that otherwise would be wasted can come into play. That goes for women of ALL ethnic and racial identifications. And very much NOT only in time of war.

IMAGES: As far as I can tell, the “We ALL Can Do It!” image originated on a WordPress blog called Sara Gets Critical, which no longer seems to exist. I found it on Syd’s Birthday Challenge. Many thanks! The original Miller poster image is in the common domain; I found this file on the ever-invaluable Wikipedia. Thank you!