If this is not you, I bet you know several variations on this woman. She is not perfect. She has to prioritize and triage. But she rocks!

Of course, moms through the ages have been masters of multitasking. One of my favorite sculptures at the Nelson-Atkins Museum is the 8th-century Central Asian Caravan Woman Rousing her Camel While Nursing. Obviously a consummate multi-tasker.

It’s not just moms who excel at multitasking, of course. I once had plans to create a portrait of my husband Pascal along the same lines as the Modern Mom image (he is at least twice the multi-tasker I am!). I did have second thoughts, however, about portraying him in the same manner as the Lord Shiva, who is, after all, a god . . . might never hear the end of that one. 

IMAGES: I originally found the “Modern Mom” as part of an assembled image on an article by Rose Fres Fausto, and traced it back to a now-defunct site called Modern Mom, via Belevation Mom; I eventually got the image I used here from Photobucket. The Central Asian Caravan Woman is from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO. Many thanks to all!