How often our circumstances try to hand us ready-made answers, about how we should choose what path we will take! But are those paths the right ones for us?

Do they serve our needs and help us blossom into our true calling (which is, I am convinced, the best way of giving ourselves to our world), or are they the manipulations of others, designed to serve other ends?

We have a choice each day. We can become and remain our best, truest selves–and we can be a profound blessing to others in the process. But only if we heed our calling and remain true to ourselves.

Throughout the ages, both women and men have been told what we must do, how we must behave, what priorities we should have. Some of these messages truly are the wisdom of the ages. Sometimes we really should hold certain truths to be self-evident.

Other “truths”? Not so much. We have been endowed with the ability to think: we must always keep refining the ability to discern our best truth from the tide of “shoulds” that bombard us each day. This is true for women, for men, for creative people of all types.

We must each be our own champions, or we’ll always remain buried in the landslide of other peoples’ value-judgments.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Queen of Your Own Life‘s “Queenisms,” via Seline Shenoy’s “The Dream Catcher” blog!