I’m looking at a steep learning curve.

I have been advised to switch from Blogger to WordPress, so my blog can appear on my website. This is no small task, since I’ve been blogging for close to a decade on Blogger, at my Jan S. Gephardt’s Artdog Adventures blog.  

It’s been closer to twenty years, since I last set up a website. I’m looking at a steep learning curve and short periods of time to devote to this, so I predict an, um, interesting time. I think persistence is going to be my only hope.

I haven’t had time to look too deeply into creative solutions or design. So far, I’m still trying to figure out how to “import an XML file.” (I’m certain that means something clear and helpful to many people with a broader background in websites than I have).

Wish me luck!

IMAGE: Many thanks to “Marketing for Hippies,” for the highly appropriate image.

P.S. Meanwhile, please check out my current post on the Blogger site.