Talk about your classic summer experience . . . 

backyard-campingMy sister and I never exactly “camped out” in the back yard, but we slept on the screened-in back porch, and also in the playhouse. 

I was a bit older when I actually got a chance to camp out “for real.” But my kids definitely knew the joys of camping out in the back yard (as well as in the living room or playroom in tents or large boxes, as part of memorable winter and early-spring birthday party-sleepovers).

One of my themes this month is a sort of pre-summer warm-up of the creative juices. 

For you it might not be backyard camping, but here’s my challenge to you: 

Do something different and fun (emphasis on the fun) this week. Something off-the-wall that you would normally not do–and that makes you feel like laughing out loud from pleasure. 

Then share a comment below, about what you did. Let’s compare notes and see what interesting things people came up with!

IMAGE: Many thanks to “Tinkerlab” for the image!