Do you ever feel this way?

Less Monday More Summer

I don’t think we have to be living on the cusp of summer to feel this way. This is a crie de cour, a cry from the heart. 

For many people, summer is a state of mind that is freer, more open and relaxed than the rest of the year. “Summer” can be a stand-in word for “freedom,” “rest,” “recovery,” or whatever one’s heart most craves and needs. 

Likewise, “Monday” doesn’t have to be literally one particular day of the week. It’s a metaphor for submitting once again to (resented) labor, responsibility, accountability, and being overseen or supervised. Have you ever lived through a week of “Mondays”? I know I sure have. 

We creative types especially chafe at this restraint. We long for the freedom of “summer,” no matter what time of year it is. 

Today we stand at the brink of literal summer, and our challenge is still the same: how do we elevate the mundane, until it is–if not sublime, at least (please) more palatable? How do we make a patch of sunlight and expanding possibilities for ourselves, in the midst of relentless outside demands and obligations?

That is the ultimate creative challenge. Each of us must find our own way, but have faith. A way is there. Grasp, insist, fight, demand for yourself the time and space you need to renew yourself. The price of failure is a life of despair.

IMAGE: Many thanks to the “Summer Quotes” Pinterest board.