The Artdog Quote of the Week

On Saturday I made the point that “whether you celebrate ChristmasHanukkahThe Winter SolsticeBrumaliaYuleKwanzaaFestivusBoxing Day, or anything else, it’s likely you’re [giving] presents in December.” Gift-giving is at the heart of many cultural traditions in December, and (partially, but) not only because a large segment of our economy depends on it.

Even the best material gifts are only the outward symptom of an inner state, or they are meaningless. When the inner joy is stripped away, all we have left is an ugly exercise in greed.

Gordon Gekko was wrong. There’s a reason why greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and it’s because ultimately it is bad for us: bad in fundamental ways that wisdom instinctively knows, but we often do our best to ignore. Listen to the voice of the wisdom within you. Hold it close to your heart this holiday season, if you want to seek the truest joys.
IMAGE: Many thanks to Suzi Istvan, on the Splendidly Curious blog.