This weekend is DemiCon 29 Weekend.

What’s a DemiCon? It’s a literary sf/fantasy convention held each year in Des Moines, IA, most recently at the Holiday Inn Northwest, on Merle Hay Road in Des Moines, IA.

My son Ty and I have gone to DemiCon for several years, now. It’s what you might call “intimate,” but they have some interesting events and panels, they’ll have a nice art show (look for a photo of my display), and they really know how to provision a consuite, as well as throw a good room party.

The rosette came home with me and ended up on my “trophy wall.” Many thanks for the nice recognition, DemiCon!

I’m looking forward to that art show. I also am looking forward to doing several panels with Rob Howell, a medieval scholar/author who is both entertaining and thought-provoking, when he’s in “panelist mode.”

I’m scheduled to do a reading at DemiCon. I also hope to have more information available, about how to stay in contact so you’ll know exactly when and how What’s Bred in the Bone, my upcoming sf/mystery novel about sapient police dogs, will be available. At this point, I’m still in production.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Demicon for the Header from their website; the artwork and the photo are mine. Of course you may feel free to use them, as long as you include a link back and attribution.