The Artdog Image(s) of Interest 

Gerberas and Gold #1, 2016-2018, © by Jan S. Gephardt
Gerberas and Gold #22016-2018, © by Jan S. Gephardt

As promised in the mid-week post, today’s Images are my newest finished artwork. They go on display today in the ConQuesT 49 Art Show, along with most of the rest of my current work. Can you tell I don’t have the best setup for photographing my artwork right now? Believe it or not, both mats are the same color.

These two pieces feature another variation on the “Gemflower” idea (these are based on Gerbera Daisies), that I started playing around with in 2016.

Each little dragon is not only hand cut, sculpted, and assembled, but it’s also touched with metallic gold and/or copper paint, and each dragon is posed slightly differently. Each is genuinely unique, while preserving the overall look of the series. More variations on this theme are in the works. I plan to debut a third, larger piece in this series at SoonerCon 27.

IMAGES: Both of these artworks are © by Jan S. Gephardt. You may repost or reblog them, as long as you don’t alter them, give a full attribution, and provide a link back to this post. Thanks!