The Artdog Quote of the Week

I’ve spent a lot of time this month talking about ways to support authors, especially Indie authors, whose work we admire and enjoy.

But as a paper sculptor and a lifelong small-creative-businessperson (in between my teaching gigs, which in their own way were also an artisanal endeavor), I’d like to use June’s final Quote of the Week to remind my readers of all the small creative businesses in the world whose artists and artisans craft unique, beautiful, soul-satisfying handmade things.

Handmade means each is unique, with its own small variations, even if it’s part of an edition.

Handmade means the artist or artisan devoted individual time, attention, and craftsmanship to create it.

Handmade is the heart of small, creative businesses.

Support handmade.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Amanda Williams (on Pinterest) and Menucha/Moms and Crafters, for this image.