The Artdog Image(s) of Interest

This week I tried a new thing.  Getty Images has allowed non-commercial blogs such as this one to embed short slide shows of their images, legally, for free (complete with captions). It worked beautifully on my “twin” blog (hosted by Blogger). Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support it.

Rescuers look under the wreckage of a flattened mosque.

I’ve been watching the news, and have been concerned about all the damage, injuries, and deaths that resulted from the recent earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia. I was particularly struck by the terror worshipers at a mosque must have felt when their roof began to cave in.

Where is Lombok? It’s in the middle of the Lesser Sunda Islands. If you’re interested in making a disaster relief donation to help these folks, one trustworthy agency I’ve been able to find is GlobalGiving’s Indonesia Earthquake Relief Fund.

Lombok has been leveled.

It sometimes seems to me that August is the Disaster Month. Last week I featured a “fire tornado” from northern California. This week I thought I’d share an image (or two, as it turned out) from Indonesia.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Getty Images via the BBC for the photo of the collapsed mosque. I deeply appreciate the amazing photographic work of Ulet Ifansasti. I also want to thank GlobalGiving for the other photo from Lombok.