Atomic Avenue #1 by Glen Orbik

Going to a Worldcon isn’t nearly as exotic as blasting off to the stars, but it’s an endeavor. This year my son and I aren’t leaving the country–Silicon Valley is different from Kansas in a great many ways, but they’re both in the same U.S.A. Next year it’ll be in Dublin (we’ll see whether we can afford that one).

Meanwhile, I’m facing the eternal question. Once I get to the con, and I’m out of reach of all my resources here at home, what will I regret having forgotten about, left behind, failed to print, forgotten to consider, or otherwise left myself unprepared to do/have/use?

Yoda may be right that “always in motion is the future,” but in the meantime, always short of something is the Jan, at most cons. I usually muddle through just fine, but I always try to control for it better next time.

Well, it’s next time, right now. Where did I put my list?

See you in San Jose?

IMAGES: Many thanks to Glen Orbik, discovered via SciFi at Dark Roasted Blend, for Atomic Avenue #1, to AAlto University’s “My Courses” page for the Yoda quote-image, and to Anna Franchi’s Life in a Suitcase, for the overloaded-baggage-cart picture.