Hello. It’s been a while. I’ve been away from this blog for much longer than I wanted to be.

I have prided myself on keeping up with my writing and art, as well as blogging here three (occasionally two) times a week, no matter what else life threw my way. I’ve managed it pretty consistently for a while. But I guess you know what they say about pride.

I hate missing deadlines. But ever since the week after Worldcon I’ve had to let some deadlines go, to meet another. I had a challenging editorial deadline for the please-God-final draft of my novel What’s Bred in the Bone, this past week.

I did it. The manuscript is turned in. Done. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s still not perfect, but I’ve had some indications from sources who seem reliable, that it’s pretty darn good. You’ll get a chance to judge for yourself later this year, if all goes well. Keep following this blog, and sign up for my newsletter for updates!

But Napoleon Hill was definitely onto something with the opening quote up there. Until there’s a deadline, you can go on, and on, and on, and . . . just keep dreaming. It can turn into a trap that means you’re never quite be ready to call a project done.

There’s a saying commonly attributed to Voltaire, that “perfect (more accurate to say “the best”) is the enemy of good.” He was quoting an Italian proverb, but this essential wisdom that you can strive for perfection till the end of time, and never get anything actually accomplished has been a truism in many ages and cultures.

For me, the most helpful variation is the one illustrated here: Perfect is the enemy of DONE. I needed to get on with finishing my book. I’ve got others to write! My new editor and a challenging deadline were just the tonic I needed to get this one DONE.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Brainy Quote for the Napoleon Hill quote-with-image. I haven’t been able to go further back than Pinterest for the “enemy of the done” image!