What is food insecurity?

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November is the month of Thanksgiving, a traditional celebration of feasting in the United States (several other countries also celebrate Thanksgiving days of one sort or another). We traditionally think of this as a time of harvest, of feasting, and of plenty.

But for much of the world, much of the time–including in our own USA–food on the table isn’t a “given” at all, and “plenty” is an abstract concept. My Images of Interest for the rest of the month will examine aspects of food insecurity and ways to address it, both at home and abroad.

IMAGES: Many thanks to Hunger Free, via World Vision’s Pinterest page, for the illustrated quote from Norman Borlaug, and to the Australian organization Foodwise, via Ecologic Media’s Pinterest page, for the attractive and informative infographic on food insecurity.

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Kansas City-based Jan S. Gephardt is a writer, artist, and teacher. She makes nationally-recognized paper sculpture and writes sf mystery novels about a sapient police dog.

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