It’s the turn of the year, and I’m hip-deep in reflections on the past year. Among all the other data, I looked at are some metrics for my website. What images did my readers click on most in 2018? Perhaps you’ll be interested, too. Here are this blog’s Top Five most-clicked images of 2018.

The most popular image of the year on this blog is this one. I first posted this quote image on January 29, 2018.
One of the two second-most-popular images was this all-time classic from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was featured in my post for Martin Luther King Day last year, on January 15.
Tied for second with Dr. King’s quote is another black-and-white image, this one featuring the words of Samuel Gompers, a labor movement pioneer active in the late 19th Century. You saw it here first on September 19, way back in 2016. Still popular two years later.
The next-most-popular image was another quote about the future, this one by Eckhart Tolle, from that same January 29, 2018 post where people found the top image.
This quote from Shanti is illustrated by a picture of a cute little girl of about six, running barefoot through the grass. The quote says, "And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling."
Rounding out the Top Five most popular images of 2018 on this blog is this one, featuring the words of Shanti, and a photo that apparently never fails to charm. This originally appeared in a May 14, 2017 post about the importance of taking children outdoors.

Was your favorite in the top five? Maybe, maybe not–I post a lot of images on this blog. But I hope you found these quote-images interesting, thought provoking, and maybe even inspiring. And THANK YOU very much for reading my blog!

IMAGES: Many thanks, once again, to all the sources where I originally found these quote-images. To QuotesHunter‘s great post of “20 Inspirational Quotes About the Future,” for the first one; to LoveOfLifeQuotes, via Addicted2Success’s “88 Iconic Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes,” for the MLK quote image; for the Samuel Gompers quote to IZQuotes, via Quotesgram. I also deeply appreciate  Double Quotes for the Eckhart Tolle quote image, and The Children and Nature Network’s Facebook page for the Shanti quote-image. You helped make it a great year!