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Normally, it’s not a good thing to be “colorblind” where race is concernedThat can make it too easy to pass over injustices and put-downs (both “microaggressions” and the more macro sort). 

But, as with so-called “blind auditions,” sometimes it’s only justice, if it IS colorblind, so everyone is treated equally. 

In a 2012 Duke University study, researchers examined more than 700 felony trials in Florida. Their key findings were that in cases when the jury was all white, black defendants were convicted 81% of the time, compared with a 66% conviction rate for whites. When at least one jury member was black, the conviction rates were nearly identical, with 71% of black defendants and 73% of white defendants receiving guilty verdicts.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Duke University and Tamberly Ferguson
, via the A2L website, for today’s infographic.