Ty and I made it to Chicago between storms, and then again home from Chicago, between storms. We lucked out massively, and for that I’m intensely grateful

Sheltering in place: Here’s how it looked on Sunday night before we were supposed to drive home Monday. The Wheeling, IL area near the Westin Chicago North Shore got at least 4 inches of snow. But Chicagoland can handle it!

Better yet, Capricon 39 made it WORTH dodging storms in Chicago in February. Con Chair D’Andre Williams and his concom outdid themselves, and for that I’m also intensely grateful.

It was a full-range sf convention, featuring an Art Showgamingspecial eventspanels, a large, well-stocked dealers’ room, and a fine range of excellent parties, including a bunch of them on Thursday night of the conCapricon cultivates its evening parties, and the results speak for themselves. Great job, Jason Betts!

Seanan McGuire was the Author Guest of Honor, Phil Foglio the Artist Guest, Carrie Dahlby was the Music Guest, and Doug Rice the Fan Guest. It bears noting that Foglio and Rice go way back, and they can be very entertaining. All of the GoHs were engaged and engaging.

As I am at most sf conventions I was primarily interested in stimulating panel discussions and the quality of the Art Show. Each of those departments will be the subject of upcoming blog posts.

Wheeling’s snow removal professionals ROCK! By the time we left at noon, the main hazards were the potholes. No snow-pack, no icy patches, we were even blessed with blue skies!

IMAGES: I took the “weather photos” myself. Feel free to use either, with link back and attribution. The Capricon 39 header is from their website.