The Artdog Quote(s) of the Week

One of the recurring themes in white supremacist rhetoric (of which we’ve heard far too much since the start of the Trump Administration) is that white people are somehow “superior” to other races.

Presumably, that would extend to the depth of their thoughts. I wondered if it might be interesting to compare observations written by leaders of the Confederate States of America with the thoughts of people who had experience on the “receiving end” of slavery.*

I’ll leave it to you, to determine whose thoughts resonate with the greater depth.

IMAGES: The “In their own words” graphic is my own design. I found the quote in a Huffington Post article, “The Civil War was about Slavery.” Many thanks to AZ Quotes, for the quote-image from Marcus Garvey.

*Please note that Marcus Garvey, who was born in 1887 in Jamaica, did not directly experience slavery. However, he dealt with its after-effects in the Jim Crow South and throughout his life’s work–as do all too many people still today.