The Artdog Week of Book Quotes

This is National Library Week. Instead of a Quote of the Week, I decided to dedicate this as the Week of Book Quotes, with help from the marvelous New York illustrator, Simini Blocker

This image is an illustration by Simini Blocker showing a large wall of bookshelves, with a young man carrying a big stack of books past it, and the quotation from Albert Einstein that says "The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library."

Even if you’ve seen Simini’s wonderful illustrated quotes before, I hope you’ll enjoy them again. And if you’re not yet familiar with her work, I offer you the joy of discovery.

IMAGE: Many, many thanks to Simini Blocker’s Tumblr, for today’s marvelous Quote-Image, featuring the words of Albert Einstein (thanks also to Uppercase).