This has been an overly stressful week, for a number of reasons. But I’m happy to say I’m back online!

This is a thumbnail image of the 2019 Jody A. Lee cover for Jan S. Gephardt's science fiction mystery novel "What's Bred in the Bone."
Now available in Kindle and Paperback!

Last week, due to a misunderstanding with Amazon, my book went live sooner than I had planned. Both the Kindle version (I already have a review! Thank you!!) and the trade paperback are now available.

The book went live, I was preparing the last details for my trip to DemiCon 30, and I had two advertising deadlines to meet May 1 . . . and then my website went down.

I was getting more than my share of traffic on my site, for the server-space I was paying for, so–without warningdown I went.

Hello! Don’t we all want and strive for and cherish more traffic? Isn’t it the primary goal of people who manage websites, to increase traffic? I’d just done upgrades to improve my SEO (search engine optimization), in preparation for the book launch. This was one heck of a “reward” for my successful efforts to increase traffic.

This picture is a screen-capture of a graph showing how my website was getting a lot of traffic . . . then the bottom fell out and I got none, while it was down.
My Dashboard metrics record how my traffic suddenly cratered when my site went down. It’s really not a hoped-for outcome, but perhaps a growing-pain.

But anyway, one nerve-wracking week and several thousand dollars later (Buy my books!), and having meanwhile been beguiled by an extremely enjoyable sf convention (DemiCon 30 report coming soon!), I’m back online. And I lived to tell the tale.

But I could do with fewer thrills and chills next week, please . . .

IMAGE CREDITS: My beautiful book cover artwork is © 2019 by Jody A. Lee; art direction by yours truly. The detail of my website metrics (from Google Analytics) is a screen-capture of my own data.