Happy Janmashtami to my Hindu friends!

I’ve been enjoying reading and learning about Krishna Janmashtami, a holiday that begins either today or tomorrow, depending on local observances. It is a celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, and it involves observances that can range from fasting to creating human pyramidsHappy Janmashtami, everyone!

Happy Janmashtami! This image depicts the young Lord Krishna in his traditional role as a young butter-thief.

Hindus celebrate the birth of Krishna on the eighth day of the dark fortnight of either Shravana or Bhadra (depending on whether it’s a leap year). I’m very glad there are smart people who can figure out when that is on the Gregorian Calendar, so I can say Happy Janmastami! at the right time. I’ve been trying to do a better job, recently, of acknowledging major holidays that don’t happen in December.

With a written greeting of "Happy Janmashtami," this design shows a team of young Govindas, creating a human pyramind to reach a ceremonial pot of butter. It's a celebration of the Hindu holiday of Krishna Janmastami, commemorating the birth of Lord Krishna.

One of the most memorable, photographableand dangerous traditions is the Dahi Handi festival, most famously celebrated in Mumbai (but it’s pretty widespread, really). Inspired by stories of Lord Krishna and his friends creating human pyramids to raid household stashes of butter or yogurt, teams form each year, practice, and compete for prizes.

However you celebrate it, please stay safe!

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to “Holidays Today” for the green image of young Lord Krishna as a butter thief, offering greetings of the day, and the blue image of the young Govindas