I’m going to FenCon XVI near the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport this weekend (we’re driving). This is my second year to attend, because I really had a great convention last year.

Typically, getting ready for a convention means I’ve been running around like a madwoman, trying to get everything ready to go. And . . . yeah, this week has been pretty typical so far. For me, going to FenCon–or, really, any con–is no simple affair.

I'm going to FenCon, and bringing both my artwork, the artwork of my friend Lucy A. Synk, and copies of my book, "What's Bred in the Bone." This promotional montage represents all of those things.

Getting the word out

I try to keep an Events Calendar current on my website, but I also have created a “Jan goes to FenCon” Event of Facebook that my Author Page, my Artdog Studio Page and my publisher, Weird Sisters Publishing LLC have co-sponsored.

Once I’m at the convention, the efforts to spread the word don’t stop. There’ll be bookmarks and postcards to put on the “freebie tables” promoting my science fiction mystery novel What’s Bred in the Bone, and at every panel where an opportunity is given for panelists to talk about our work, I’ll happily display my little stand-up sign with the Jody A. Lee cover art on it, and pass out bookmarks or badge ribbons after the panel ends.

One reason I'm going to FenCon is to promote my science fiction mystery novel, "What's Bred in the Bone." To help me do that, I'm taking signs, bookmarks, badge ribbons, and copies of the book to sell--all shown here.
At left is a glimpse of my promo materials (along with a couple of my books), as seen at the Mad Authors’ Salon last May at ConQuesT 50. At right, my current collection of badge ribbons that I hand out at conventions.

If you’re going to FenCon . . .

If you’ll be one of my fellow attendees at FenCon XVI, there’ll be a lot of cool things to do. Don’t miss the Dealers’ Room, especially since Adventures in Crime & Space has just agreed to carry my books on their table!

Pay attention to the special events (these vary day to day). There will be a lot of interesting panels and readings all weekend, as well as Gaming, a Maker trackVideo RoomMusic, and Children’s programming.


Especially don’t miss the Art Show, where I’ll have a display of my paper sculpture. I’ll also be acting as an agent for my friend Lucy A. Synk, who has been using the “dirty pour” painting technique as a starting point upon which to build a series of really beautiful space art originals.

And since you’re going to FenCon, check out some of my events, if so inclined:


12:30 – Autographs in the Grand Atrium.

2:00 – The City as a Character, panel discussion in Southlake, on the Mezzanine Level.

3:00 – Nurturing Your Writing Habit, panel discussion, also in Southlake, on the Mezzanine Level.

5:00 – Not Just Another Panel on the Kickass Heroine, panel discussion in Grapevine 2, on the Mezzanine Level.


12:00 – Reading (I have half an hour, and I’ll offer options: Chapter One of What’s Bred in the Boneor Chapter One of the manuscript I just finished, A Bone to Pick), in Grapevine 2, on the Mezzanine Level.

If you're going to FenCon you'll see scenes like this one, of one of the public areas at the convention in 2018.
Here’s a photo of a general display area outside the Art Show and Dealers Room at FenCon in 2018. 

Whether or not you’re going to FenCon this year
, it’s a fun, growing convention. I hope you’ll have a chance to try it sometime soon!

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to FenConXVI’s website for their web banner, which I used in the promotional montage at the top of this post. Also featured, L-R, are a detail from Lucy A. Synk’s Art Show panel at Spikecon (some of that artwork will also be on display at FenCon, along with eight new pieces); the cover of my novel What’s Bred in the Bone, with cover art © 2019 by Jody A. Lee; and part of my own Spikecon Art Show display. 

All of the other photos also are by me. They portray some of my promotional materials and a public area at FenCon in 2018. Feel free to re-post any of my images, but kindly include an attribution and a link back to this page. Thanks!