Award-Winning Paper Sculpture!

The artwork below, by Jan S. Gephardt, is now available for sale at science fiction convention art shows (see my Calendar of Events), or via contact with the artist

How are Jan’s paper sculptures made?

Current Multiple-Original Paper Sculptures 

What is a multiple original?

One-of-a-Kind Originals

At this time, I only have three of these in circulation at sf conventions, but I have others in the works. Check back to see what new pieces I’ve added to this gallery.

Recently sold

Paper sculpture "The Silver Lady Appears" shows a ghostly woman made of tracing paper, among columns.
The Silver Lady Appears was recently purchased via an online science fiction convention, “Concellation 2020.”

IMAGES: All images are photos by Jan S. Gephardt of her original paper sculpture artwork. All of these works are currently (or soon-to-be) available for purchase at science fiction conventions Jan attends or sends work to (see Calendar of Events), or via direct communication with Jan.

All works are copyright © 2012-2020 by Jan S. Gephardt. All rights reserved. You may use unaltered images online if you include an attribution and link back to this page.