Yesterday was New Year’s Day. Huzzah! It’s 2019! Now, what will you do with this year?

A lot of what we’ll do in the future is hard to predict, but this also is the month of New Year’s Resolutions, trying new things, and creating new habits or practices. Time to turn over a new leaf, if one needs to–or just take a fresh look at our lives.

In that spirit, and because this blog is often focused on creative approaches to life, I thought you might enjoy this infographic on “Five Challenges to Awaken Your Creativity,” from Write My Essays via Jami Oetting at Hubspot. Will you take the challenges?

5 Challenges to Awaken Your Creativity

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How creative will you be in 2019? Most of the answer lies in your willingness to dare.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Write My Essays via Jami Oetting at Hubspot for this infographic!