The Artdog Quote of the Week

While preparing last Wednesday’s post, I found several images and quotes on this subject. It seemed as if my Quotes of the Week were finding themselves for me. I figure if I post them now, before my own book is out, I can promote a message that’s dear to my heart at a time when it’s not too embarrassingly self-serving.

The truth of the matter is, it’s really hard for any author–traditionally published or Indie–to help more people find his/her book, especially when s/he’s just starting out. Traditional publishers set an author loose upon the world with a stamp of approval–somebody already thought this was good. But a new author is allotted no advertising budget by his/her publisher, and no promotional help. So once the book is produced, they’re in the same boat as the Indie (just making lots less on each sale).

No matter how it’s published, readers need to know about new books they might like. And authors’ careers and future as producers of more excellent books absolutely live or die by how many people find, enjoy, and share the information about their book.

One excellent way to get out the word about a good new book is through reviews that readers write and post: on Amazon, definitely. But also on Goodreads, on other review sites, on social media, on one’s own blog–anywhere possible.

Reviews don’t have to be long, either. Most people won’t read past 50-100 words, so stop there, especially if you’re crunched for time. A review short enough to tweet is a hundred times better than no review at all, “because I don’t have time.”

IMAGE: Many thanks to Monica Hart on Pinterest, for this image!