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The only thing you absolutely have to know

The Artdog Week of Book Quotes

This is National Library Week. Instead of a Quote of the Week, I decided to dedicate this as the Week of Book Quotes, with help from the marvelous New York illustrator, Simini Blocker

This image is an illustration by Simini Blocker showing a large wall of bookshelves, with a young man carrying a big stack of books past it, and the quotation from Albert Einstein that says "The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library."

Even if you’ve seen Simini’s wonderful illustrated quotes before, I hope you’ll enjoy them again. And if you’re not yet familiar with her work, I offer you the joy of discovery.

IMAGE: Many, many thanks to Simini Blocker’s Tumblr, for today’s marvelous Quote-Image, featuring the words of Albert Einstein (thanks also to Uppercase).

If you seek understanding

The Artdog Quote of the Week 

As far as I can tell, Einstein actually did say this! (You have to be careful, as several articles have pointed out. I know. What a shock to discover you can’t believe everything on the Internet!)

Whoever said it had an insight into the nature of humans in relation to nature. Yes, yes, there are bugs out there. And uncontrolled temperatures. And occasionally bad smells. And ankle-turning terrain. There also are no wi-fi trees, which probably is for the best. (No, really!)

More important, there is our origin, there. It is not apart from us, no matter how hard some of us try to forget that. It is in us. It is inextricably connected with us. In many ways, it IS us. We do well to “touch home” on a regular basis!

IMAGE: Many thanks to Brainy Quote, and to The Real Albert Einstein, for this image and quote, respectively.

Understanding is key

The Artdog Quote of the Week 

Understanding is the first step to trust. Trust is how we create bonds of peace that will not break. Trust, not bluster, not force of arms, not putting the other down or destroying them. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go, for that level of enlightenment.

IMAGE: Many thanks to BrainyQuote for this image and quote from Albert Einstein.

Supreme art

The Artdog Quote of the Week  

As teachers and students head back to school in the USA and elsewhere, it’s important to establish priorities.

IMAGE: Many thanks to InformED’s article, “30 Things You Can Do To Promote Creativity,” by Miriam Clifford, for sharing this image.

Awakening creative joy

Artdog Quote of the Week

It’s back-to-school season this month, and my focus now shifts to the vital importance of nurturing creativity in schools.

Einstein Quote art of teaching

I’d like to tie this month’s theme to last month’s “strength in diversity” theme. I see the two as being intertwined. We cannot be strong in our diversity unless ALL of our children receive the best possible education.

Creative connections made in schools are some of the strongest motivators. As a teacher who’s worked in both rural and urban schools, I can tell you that at-risk students who cannot find relevance in their schoolwork won’t stay. If they don’t stay, we all have failed.

But if they stay–if we engage them, intrigue them, give them interesting things to do and reasons to persevere–then the future opens up with ever more and greater possibilities and promise.

IMAGE: Many thanks to The Artful Parent for this image.

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