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Apartments built like . . . a tree?

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The last time friends went apartment-hunting, they didn’t look for apartments built like a tree. But the Montpellier “L’Arbre Blanc” (“The White Tree,” also called the “White Space Tree“) project gives an example why “biomimicry” is a growing design trend.

Architect Sou Fujimoto designed this building for a site along the Lez River in Montpellier on the French Riviera. This apartment building “built like a tree” expresses Fujimoto’s design approach based on a “relationship between his architecture and nature.”

Fujimoto and his associates conceived the project in 2013-14. Construction started in 2015 and continued into 2018. The project’s leaders realized “that in this city, people live outside.” According to Manal Radche of OXO Architects, one of the firms involved, that guided their design, which incorporates 193 balconies.

The "White Tree" apartments under construction.

Montpellier is only 10 km from the Mediterranean coast. It has a mild, sunny climate. “Just as leaves in a tree are naturally arranged to get the maximum sun, we’ve mathematically arranged these balconies and cantilevers to catch and shade the sun,” Radche explained to Fast Company in 2014.

The 40-million Euro building will be a mixed-use space, with apartments above but also “offices, a restaurant, a bar, and an art gallery.” Passive cooling strategies help mitigate how much locally-sourced renewable energy the building needs.

All through April, I featured a series of architectural projects inspired by, and built to incorporate, trees. This post was delayed till May by problems with my website, which I now hope have been resolved.

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to Designboom for the featured image, to 1OneMinuteNews on YouTube, for the video, and to 3 Occitanie for the photo of the apartment building under construction.

If you seek understanding

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As far as I can tell, Einstein actually did say this! (You have to be careful, as several articles have pointed out. I know. What a shock to discover you can’t believe everything on the Internet!)

Whoever said it had an insight into the nature of humans in relation to nature. Yes, yes, there are bugs out there. And uncontrolled temperatures. And occasionally bad smells. And ankle-turning terrain. There also are no wi-fi trees, which probably is for the best. (No, really!)

More important, there is our origin, there. It is not apart from us, no matter how hard some of us try to forget that. It is in us. It is inextricably connected with us. In many ways, it IS us. We do well to “touch home” on a regular basis!

IMAGE: Many thanks to Brainy Quote, and to The Real Albert Einstein, for this image and quote, respectively.

Emulating nature’s patterns

The Artdog Quote of the Week

When we seek to become creative in harmony with nature, we are wise to seek the wisdom embodied in nature’s patterns. Fallow periods, seedtime and harvest all are indispensable parts of the cycle. Don’t skip any.

IMAGE: Many thanks to The Daily Quotes, for this unattributed quote-image.

Full-immersion is good

The Artdog Quote of the Week

The quotes this month have been selected on the theme of being creative in harmony with nature. This quote from Christi Krug offers an important aspect of that goal-seeking.

IMAGE: Many thanks to Goluputtar, for this image and quote from Christi Krug.

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